A preview of Matahari Style outfits which will be shown at the InWorldz Fall Fest Fashion Show 2015, to be held on 25 October 2015 at 3.30pm grid time.

Just released, the new mesh dress “Spindra” designed with Fall and Halloween in mind.  A soft raggy hemmed dress with flexi cobweb attachments, it comes with spider necklace and earrings and includes a 6-colour menu-driven Texture Change.

Spindra Dress with 6-colour Texture ChangeCompleting the ensemble, matching heels designed to fit mesh feet (high). The shoes have subtle cobweb detail, and come with the same 6-colour Texture Change as the dress.

Spindra ShoesThe theme for the forthcoming show is “Elements”, so for my second outfit I have chosen “Fire” from my existing best-selling Volcanic Collection and have created new shoes to co-ordinate with it. New shoes first:

Drama-Shoes-for-Volcanic-FireAnd the outfit, shown here in just one of the 4 colourways – Fire, Lava, Smoke and Ash:

Volcanic Full Collection - FireAll above available from my main store at Matahari Style region, InWorldz