The day is here and the time is upon us  – to lay back and enjoy the fashion created by awesome creators.

Oh wait! Let me rewind and start from the beginning.

New York Modeling Agency is bringing together the designers of CAD,Ravage Designs, Run Free Fashions,Creative Design by Seajaay Summers,My Sin, I Love Cute Things and our very own Matahari Style! It is sponsored by the, THE social networking site for IW exclusively.

Think summer, fun, flirting, dancing, sea…. you get the idea? You are all invited! Drop by and have fun with friends while enjoying the styles showcased by the designers.

Sing along with the live DJ and don’t forget to pick up the gifts!

A preview of what Matahari Style is bringing you at the show.

Chloe-Espadrilles-Tropical-Turquoise_1024 Chloe-Resort-Wear-Tropical-Turquoise_1024 Wild-Side-Sarong-Set-Snow-Leopard_1024


Grab the limo!