We are starting off the Matahari Island Newsletter from this weekend. We hope to bring the happenings of our designer shopping village to you every week. Join us in getting to know the creators, their designs and their doings in IW.

So, you are wondering what we are up to this week. We have lots of stuff going on. First off, we have our merchants offering various wares at bargain prices. Peek in to see what takes your fancy.

Where to start? What do you say? Bargains? Ok! Here we go .

Diamond Style
The most important part of an avatar is the skin. Cristal Triellis of Diamond Style is offering a lovely skin named Rose at just Iz 125 ( That would be 50% off. The usual price is Iz 250). The skin is dewy and glowing. It is aptly named.

I don’t usually change my skin but even I picked it up without second thoughts.

_Diamond Style_Skin Rose

Next on the list is outfits. We have a couple of ( okay, more than that! ) options to browse through.

Maison De Zandra

The “Gemini Ensemble” will take you to any occasion with sophistication. Black and white tiny leaf print fabric mixes and matches with any accessories you may wish to use. “Gemini” comes with a short mini skirt, pants and a gown, with belted coordinating top. Creating a total of 3 outfits that go from day to night, casual to evening. Celebrating Spring in style couldn’t be more affordable at this limited offer of 40% off the original price.

Gemini in Silver Frame

The “Cabaret ” ensemble glistens with gold sequin and black designs. The top is a sexy strapless number that doubles as a top and also a teddy when worn with coordinating stockings. A flowing chiffon gown is included as well as a mini skirt for a more casual look.
What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, Come to the Cabaret. Its even more inviting at this limited 40% off sale.

Cabaret in silver frame

Each outfit is set to sale for Iz 240 only.
Rose Petal Creations

Another casual affair from Rose Petal Creations. The new Peacock outfit is at half price for you only! It is usually for sale at Iz 200 but right now it’s only Iz 100.

A great bargain if you are a lover of capri sets. It has a beautiful peacock motif on the faded jeans and the jersey top. It is the right outfit if you are just casually exploring the grid or spending a day at home with your other half. Here’s a teaser. It comes in other colours too.

Peacock Capri Set ~ Purple Amat Animations


Amat Animations offers some of the newest, most realistic animations to be found in IW. Tired of that same old sit pose? Want some realistic movement? Come to Amat Animations and try the sit poses. Showers, Climbing Ladders, Painter Set, etc. Try the unique Siesta Pillows that allow you to take a little rest wherever you choose. You will truly enjoy the quality you receive 🙂

Crosswords Magazine:

– Wear Magazine to sit on ground and read in a looped motion.
– Touch Magazine to change Magazine texture to a Crosswords texture.
– Wear Crosswords Pencil to trigger Crosswords looped action.
– Change Color Pencil by Touch (3 colors)
– 6 Sizes: Small Female, Medium Female A, Medium Female B, Female, Male, Small Male, Big Male.

It includes a reading & crosswords set for upper body only. It comes with copy and modify permissions. it is at present 50% off (145Iz) so grab it up fast!

Crosswords Magazine poster


New Releases of our merchants

And last but not the least, Zak Monentes of Al Fresco has a new release – retro bars this week. It comes with retro stools and beer pump and 3 styles.It is at a special introductory price of 350 Izzies right now. So hurry down to take advantage of it if you are into yesteryear products.

retro bar


Have an eventful weekend!

Till Next time!

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