InWorldz Fall Fest Fashion Show – Sunday 25 October 2015

The InWorldz Fall Fest Fashion Show was held last Sunday on the theme of “Elements” with a spectacular show set created by Moontan Valeeva.  I was proud to be one of the designers taking part with Matahari Style along with Bella’s Boutiques, The Caproni Style, Run Free Fashion, Razmataz and The Atelier Adagio, plus jewellery provided by WulfRaven Creations.

The show was presented by New York Modeling Agency, with its owner Martin Glom taking centre stage to MC the proceedings.  The gorgeous models hitting the runway were Amaya Tyrell, Belladona Blanco, Lacey Mistwallow, Martina Seetan, Melonie Romano and Sakari Inua.

I was so mesmerised by this special show that I didn’t manage to take many photos, but here are just a few to whet your appetite for the video which is linked at the end.


Lacey Mistwallow modelling “Volcanic Fire” by Tanya Matahari for Matahari Style. The Volcanic Collection now has co-ordinating shoes for high mesh feet, recently launched and sold as Texture Change to match all outfits in the range.

Sakari Inua for The Caproni Style

Sakari Inua modelling “Sunny Blue Water” by Carol Caproni for The Caproni Style – dedicated to the memory of the late Sunny Day. The skirt has an amazing shimmery sparkle effect.


Belladona Blanco modelling her own creation “On Fire” for Bella’s Boutiques. This vibrant dress has a stunning animated flame texture on the skirt.


Lacey again for Matahari Style, getting up close with the audience to show the Spindra mesh dress with spider jewellery, cobweb attachments and matching shoes. Shown here in “Earth” this dress is sold as Texture Change with 6 striking colourways included.

Melonie-Romano-for-Razamataz-AnimationsMelonie Romano presenting one of a selection of her own poses and animations created for her brand Razmataz. She chose a gown from the Volcanic Lava collection by Matahari Style to showcase this one – thank you Melonie!

With apologies to those I have not managed to include – the show can be more fully appreciated on the video, for which we are indebted to DarkRaven Skytower, thank you!

InWorldz Fall Fest Fashion Show 2015


Preview Matahari Style New Releases – for IW Fall Fest Fashion Show 2015

A preview of Matahari Style outfits which will be shown at the InWorldz Fall Fest Fashion Show 2015, to be held on 25 October 2015 at 3.30pm grid time.

Just released, the new mesh dress “Spindra” designed with Fall and Halloween in mind.  A soft raggy hemmed dress with flexi cobweb attachments, it comes with spider necklace and earrings and includes a 6-colour menu-driven Texture Change.

Spindra Dress with 6-colour Texture ChangeCompleting the ensemble, matching heels designed to fit mesh feet (high). The shoes have subtle cobweb detail, and come with the same 6-colour Texture Change as the dress.

Spindra ShoesThe theme for the forthcoming show is “Elements”, so for my second outfit I have chosen “Fire” from my existing best-selling Volcanic Collection and have created new shoes to co-ordinate with it. New shoes first:

Drama-Shoes-for-Volcanic-FireAnd the outfit, shown here in just one of the 4 colourways – Fire, Lava, Smoke and Ash:

Volcanic Full Collection - FireAll above available from my main store at Matahari Style region, InWorldz

New Mesh Shoes at Matahari Style

Introducing the first of an exciting new range of mesh shoes at Matahari Style, designed to fit with mesh feet which are now available from several creators in InWorldz – yay! The ones I am aware of are Sim-I-Lar, iFeet and Oddity – there may be others.  My own preferred brand is Sim-I-Lar as I find them the best fit for my avatar, but your mileage may vary.  I must also give a shout out to Sim-I-Lar on value for money, since you get the three standard heights – flat, mid and high – all in one with a multi-pose hud, for a very inexpensive price.

All Matahari Style shoes for mesh feet have free demos – so PLEASE do check them out with your choice of feet before purchase.  There’s lots of advice on wearing and fitting in the demo packages too.

Enough of the chat- let’s see the shoes!

Adboard-for-Cobra-Shoes-BruisedCobra comes currently in 6 colourways – available singly or in a fatpack.  More colours are planned.

Adboard-for-Cobra-Shoes-FatpackNext the first in a planned series of ballet flats – however much we love our heels, we all need flats too, right?  The Beryl design comes as a Texture Change in pretty soft colours, three plain and three floral, six textures for the flower trim, plus an option to wear the shoes alone, without the trim.  42 combinations in total!

Adboard-for-Beryl-ShoesAvailable from Matahari Style Main Store at region Matahari Style, InWorldz

Not currently available in Second Life



Happy 6th Birthday InWorldz!

Where did those six years go I wonder?  I have been in InWorldz for almost five of them, and it’s flown, and we’ve come a long way in that time too.  2015 saw the release of my first mesh dress at Matahari Style, and here’s a special version of it to mark the IW6 Anniversary.  It’s a limited time group gift for members of Matahari Style – come to main store to claim yours now – it will only be out for the duration of the IW6 celebration then it will be retired for good.

Heartfelt_003-Chiaroscuro-Group-Gift-TextAvailable from Matahari Style Main Store at Matahari Island, InWorldz


Matahari Style new release – Heartfelt

Introducing Matahari Heartfelt – just in time for Valentine’s Day, a sexy mesh mini dress with heart print, which may be worn alone, or add the gorgeous co-ordinating flexi skirt to turn it into a dance/cocktail/party dress.  A flexi shoulder attachment accents the asymmetric styling.  Launched in a choice of Dark Red, Frosted Pink, Afire, or the Colour of the Year 2015, luscious Marsala.



Available at Matahari Style main store at region Matahari Style, InWorldz

Currently not available in Second Life


Matahari Island Newsletter – May II


Time for a look at the things going on at Matahari Island Designer Shopping Village.

We are looking at 3 special designers this week. One specializes in homes, the second in fashion and the third in jewellery..

Varriale Designs

Varriale Designs has a cool collection of homes to fit all kinds of avatars. Skye Varriale makes homes instead of houses which touch your soul.

This week, she has The Calypso out at the shop.  The Calypso

The Calypso has come to Inworldz! Imagine a home atop a hill overlooking the warm seas of the tropics. It’s surrounded by lush vegetation, the sounds of tropical birds and the gentle tones of softly falling water. Imagine that this home has a great room lined with windows to take in the view and an indoor/outdoor rock waterfall, pool, three levels of tiered garden patios with an infinity pool and two large roof decks for those wild summer parties. Add to this a media room, library several entertainment/music rooms and verandas and three master suites, each with their own private balconies and you have quite simply the home of your dreams.


Browse the other homes available too to find the one which takes your fancy.

Matahari Style
Tanya Matahari has released the fashions showed at the show on May 9th.

We are going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Seashells Maxi Dress – Casual yet dressy

 Seashells Violet Dusk

It can be paired with the Clarice Ruffle Sandals.

 Clarice Sandals Violet Dusk

Chloe Resort Wear with High Wedge Espadrilles – Casual chic. Perfect for your sailing adventures.

 Chloe-Resort-Wear-Tropical-Turquoise_1024 Chloe-Espadrilles-Tropical-Turquoise_1024


Wild Side Swinwear Set – Glam and hot for beach days!


Each outfit comes in a variety of choices. Peek in to see them.

WulfRaven Creations

WulfRaven Creations is a jewellery boutique with great selections at affordable prices. The sets have the perfect blend of gemstones’ and metals’ textures. Tribal , Fantasy , Modern – you name it, Tiana Genesis has it..

She also does custom work for weddings.


That’s all for this week! We hope to bring more news from our corner of IW .

Matahari Island

Info Point :

For the Love of Summer Fashion Show

The day is here and the time is upon us  – to lay back and enjoy the fashion created by awesome creators.

Oh wait! Let me rewind and start from the beginning.

New York Modeling Agency is bringing together the designers of CAD,Ravage Designs, Run Free Fashions,Creative Design by Seajaay Summers,My Sin, I Love Cute Things and our very own Matahari Style! It is sponsored by the, THE social networking site for IW exclusively.

Think summer, fun, flirting, dancing, sea…. you get the idea? You are all invited! Drop by and have fun with friends while enjoying the styles showcased by the designers.

Sing along with the live DJ and don’t forget to pick up the gifts!

A preview of what Matahari Style is bringing you at the show.

Chloe-Espadrilles-Tropical-Turquoise_1024 Chloe-Resort-Wear-Tropical-Turquoise_1024 Wild-Side-Sarong-Set-Snow-Leopard_1024


Grab the limo!

First Matahari Island Newsletter


We are starting off the Matahari Island Newsletter from this weekend. We hope to bring the happenings of our designer shopping village to you every week. Join us in getting to know the creators, their designs and their doings in IW.

So, you are wondering what we are up to this week. We have lots of stuff going on. First off, we have our merchants offering various wares at bargain prices. Peek in to see what takes your fancy.

Where to start? What do you say? Bargains? Ok! Here we go .

Diamond Style
The most important part of an avatar is the skin. Cristal Triellis of Diamond Style is offering a lovely skin named Rose at just Iz 125 ( That would be 50% off. The usual price is Iz 250). The skin is dewy and glowing. It is aptly named.

I don’t usually change my skin but even I picked it up without second thoughts.

_Diamond Style_Skin Rose

Next on the list is outfits. We have a couple of ( okay, more than that! ) options to browse through.

Maison De Zandra

The “Gemini Ensemble” will take you to any occasion with sophistication. Black and white tiny leaf print fabric mixes and matches with any accessories you may wish to use. “Gemini” comes with a short mini skirt, pants and a gown, with belted coordinating top. Creating a total of 3 outfits that go from day to night, casual to evening. Celebrating Spring in style couldn’t be more affordable at this limited offer of 40% off the original price.

Gemini in Silver Frame

The “Cabaret ” ensemble glistens with gold sequin and black designs. The top is a sexy strapless number that doubles as a top and also a teddy when worn with coordinating stockings. A flowing chiffon gown is included as well as a mini skirt for a more casual look.
What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, Come to the Cabaret. Its even more inviting at this limited 40% off sale.

Cabaret in silver frame

Each outfit is set to sale for Iz 240 only.
Rose Petal Creations

Another casual affair from Rose Petal Creations. The new Peacock outfit is at half price for you only! It is usually for sale at Iz 200 but right now it’s only Iz 100.

A great bargain if you are a lover of capri sets. It has a beautiful peacock motif on the faded jeans and the jersey top. It is the right outfit if you are just casually exploring the grid or spending a day at home with your other half. Here’s a teaser. It comes in other colours too.

Peacock Capri Set ~ Purple Amat Animations


Amat Animations offers some of the newest, most realistic animations to be found in IW. Tired of that same old sit pose? Want some realistic movement? Come to Amat Animations and try the sit poses. Showers, Climbing Ladders, Painter Set, etc. Try the unique Siesta Pillows that allow you to take a little rest wherever you choose. You will truly enjoy the quality you receive 🙂

Crosswords Magazine:

– Wear Magazine to sit on ground and read in a looped motion.
– Touch Magazine to change Magazine texture to a Crosswords texture.
– Wear Crosswords Pencil to trigger Crosswords looped action.
– Change Color Pencil by Touch (3 colors)
– 6 Sizes: Small Female, Medium Female A, Medium Female B, Female, Male, Small Male, Big Male.

It includes a reading & crosswords set for upper body only. It comes with copy and modify permissions. it is at present 50% off (145Iz) so grab it up fast!

Crosswords Magazine poster


New Releases of our merchants

And last but not the least, Zak Monentes of Al Fresco has a new release – retro bars this week. It comes with retro stools and beer pump and 3 styles.It is at a special introductory price of 350 Izzies right now. So hurry down to take advantage of it if you are into yesteryear products.

retro bar


Have an eventful weekend!

Till Next time!

Group: Matahari Islanders – secondlife:///app/group/6afebcbe-0268-4845-8957-f529f58777d8/about


Halloween @ Matahari Island and a Witch Hunt!

That time of year again already!  Now, I am not particularly talented when it comes to all things ghoulish and spooky, but my dear friend Zandra Fraisse is, so I was fortunate to be able to call on her skills to create a wonderful Halloween Marketplace at Matahari Island.  See below what a great job she did!  I’m also indebted to Randolf Baxton from Primrose Garden Culture who added fantastic autumn trees and leaves to complete the perfect ambience.

Come soak up the atmosphere, browse the merchandise on offer in the market, grab some free skates and whoosh round our misty ice rink or take a fun ride on Zak’s Black Widow Carousel.

Then set out to explore the whole island and pick up some fantastic gifts in our special Witch Hunt!  Just about everything in the hunt has been created especially for this event by Zak, Zandra, myself, and our wonderful merchants – you will have over 40 treats in store if you manage to complete the challenge.  Bonus gifts will be added over the next few days – watch for notices in-world about that – and the hunt will continue until 4 November 2012.

Happy Halloween everyone – BOO!!

Matahari Island Monthly Feature

Each month Matahari Island (InWorldz) appears in InStylez Magazine (formerly Allure) promoting the island as a whole and also showcasing three of our merchants offering specials – premium products with at least 30% discount off the normal price.So come check out these great bargains, exclusive to Matahari Island!

From K Fiorell (Kate Fiorell):

A really beautiful and realistic jewellery set, and at 30% discount of normal price, this is a great time to sample the work of this talented designer.

From Maison de Zandra (Zandra Fraisse):

I love the versatility of this outfit.  A sexy mini dress for cocktail wear, parties or even skating, plus a slinky pantsuit for chilling out in style.  A fantastic discount of 50%, so it’s only I’z 150 up until 15 October. Bargain!

From Primal Art (Rhiannon Boronski):

Primal Art offers us this gorgeous Phoenix Humming Bird upper body tattoo.  If you’ve never been into tattoos, I think now might be the time to give it a try!  I popped into Rhiannon’s store and noticed that she also has the matching lower set if you want to go for the full body look.  Only I’z 250 during the promo period.

These offers are valid only until 15 October 2012 in the InWorldz grid. Teleport in to our Information Point at Matahari Island/27/28/21, where you can pick up landmarks to the Featured Merchants’ stores.  Don’t miss out!